Kelly High School Library, Chicago, Illinois

Pre-1943 Kelly High School Library Bookmark

Kelly High School, Chicago, Illinois

Named for Thomas J. Kelly, the Irish nationalist, Kelly High School located at 4136 S. California Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, opened in December 1928 as a junior high school, only serving grades six through ninth.  After the Board of Education abolished all junior high schools in Chicago in July 1933, Kelly began the1933 school year as a senior high school.  Kelly High School is the third largest high school in Chicago

How to Use the Card Catalog

“The catalog tells what books are in the library.  It is alphabetically arranged by author, title and subject.

The letters and figures in the upper left hand corner of each card show where the book may be found on the shelf.

The books are arranged on the shelf by numerical order from 000-999 and under each number by the author.  Individual biographies are arranged under the number 921 and the last name of the person whose life it is.  

Fiction books are separately grouped and are arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name.

Reference books such as encyclopedias are shelved in a separate section of the library.”

Dewey Decimal Classes

000-099 Journalism, etc

100-199 Psychology, philosophy

200-299 Religion, mythology

300-399 Sociology, economics, government

400-499 Grammar, vocabulary

500-599 Science, mathematics

600-699 Technical, trades, business

700-799 Arts, music, sports

800-899 Poetry, short stories, plays

900-999 Histories – ancient, modern U.S.

910-919 Travel, adventure, geography

920 Collected biography

921 Individual biography

Fiction books arranged on the shelf by the author’s last name.

If you have any difficulty finding what you need we will be glad to help you.

Thomas Joseph Kelly

Thomas Joseph Kelly (1833-1908) was an Irish revolutionary and leader of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB).

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