The Vatican Secret Archives, Rome, Italy

Archivio Vaticano Admission Card No. 182 issued to O. Fr. Vittorio E. Barriga

1930 Vatican Archives Admission Card No. 182 (front)
1930 Vatican Archives Admission Card No. 182 (back)

The Vatican Archives

The Vatican Archives was established in1612 when Pope Paul V ordered all Church records to be assembled in one place.  Located in Vatican City, it is the central archive for all acts promulgated by the Holy See.  Also located in the Vatican Archives are state papers, correspondent, papal account books, and other church documents accumulated over the centuries.  Part of the Vatican Library until the sometime in the 17th century, Pope Paul V separated the archives from the main library, which limited access to scholars and completely closed off access to the public. In 1881, Pope Leo XIII reopened the archives for research.

The Vatican is currently undergoing an in-house digitization project to make archive documents more available to researchers and to provide an extra layer of preservation for aging documents.  Over seven million images have been digitized and are now available online.

The Vatican Archives (no known copyright restrictions)




Tessera di ammissione n. 182 rilasciata al O. Fr. Vittorio E. Barriga il 14 Febbraio 1930 (Admission card n. 182 issued to O. Fr. Vittorio E. Barriga on 14 February 1930)

Vale per entrare in Vaticano dal Portone di Bronzo a dalia porta presso Sant’Anna nei Giorni Comuni d’apertura dell’Archivio (Allows entrance to the Vatican from the Bronze Door to the door at Sant’Anna during open days of the Archive)


Per la validate occorre la fotografia, la firma del titolare e il bollo a data dell’Archivio. (Needs photograph, the holder’s signature and Archive date stamp to be validated.)

Firma del titolare (Signature of Holder)

Validita mesi (Months valid)

Scade il 14 Luglio 1930 (Expires on July 14, 1930)

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